About Us

SI Electronics is a one-stop PCB Assembly OEM solution provider, offering one-stop electronic assembly services for prototypes and low-volume to mid-volume orders. Our services include PCB fabrication, components procurement, and final circuit board assembly. Since 2010, we have successfully served customers in the United States, Canada, Western Europe and other regions of the world.
SI Electronics is located in Dongguan, China, where includes a PCB manufacturing facility, electronic components sourcing team, and PCB assembly Fab. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO9001 certified, and IPC-A-600 and IPC-A-610 compliant.
Design for Manufacturing (DFM)
This verification service ensures all details of the PCB design files (e.g., bill of materials, Gerber files) are accurate prior to the commencement of manufacturing. As a quality-enhancing service for PCB prototyping and low-volume production runs, DFM ensures the prototyping assembly process is correct first time, and promises the benefits of time and cost savings.
Our Guarantee
SI Electronics guarantees on-time delivery and quick turnaround of printed circuit board assemblies. Using our expertise as a PCB assembly service and electronic manufacturer, we leverage a Just In Time procurement methodology that enables us to obtain electronic components during PCB manufacture in order to facilitate order fulfillment. Using flexible, adaptive management and continuous process improvement, we drive cost savings without affecting our commitment to superior product quality. With sales and technical support services, we ensure total product support and customer satisfaction with special emphasis on quality, delivery, and total cost control. 
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