What is your delivery policy
We guarantee that we will ship at least 100% of your finished PCBA within the promised lead time,unless there is holiday or power failure.The assembly order does not start until the last component is received, so occasionally there are delays in receiving material that are beyond our control and therefore not considered as a late shipment.
On turn-key orders, what  do about part crossing or substitutions?
SI Electronics holds no inventory, therefore we will not substitute parts on your bill of material with parts we already have. We can suggest crosses or assist with component selection if necessary, but we require customer approval before ordering.
How to order components for Turn-Key orders?
We order to your exact bill of material ordering 3-5% for most components. Occasionally we are faced with minimum / multiple orders where extra components must be purchased. These parts are for approval received from customers prior to ordering.
What is the lead time on a turn-key order?
Components procurement lead time is in addition to assembly lead times mentioned in our quotation. 
We can start the PCB production while we prepare the material, so we can shorten the whole lead time as much as possible. 
For Prototype, it is usually within 2 weeks based on single or double PCB. And another week  for multilayers boards. For mass production, it is about 20 working days, less than 1 month for large volume.
What do I need to send for a turn-key order?
Bill of material, complete with information in excel format or PDF format. 
Complete info includes  manufacturer"s name, part number, ref designators, component description, quantity. 
Complete gerber files, we accept PCB file, Protel file, PCAD file as well. 
For conformal coating ,special test requirement or packaging, please specify before quote.
What are the payment terms? 
100% T/T in advance for small volume, T/T  50% in advance for large volume if needed. 
An up front payment equaling the cost of order or 50% of order is charged with the balance being charged upon shipment of the order. We are flexible and could have a discussion about this.
 Which gerber layers do you need for assembly?
At a minimum we need silkscreen, copper (trace layer) and solder paste layers for assembly. We prefer you to send us all gerber files generated by your CAD program.
Can you handle lead-free builds?
Yes, we can handle Lead-Free PCB fabrication and Assembly.
What standards and certifications does SI Electronics  follow?
SI Electronics is certified ISO9001:2015
We inspect to IPC-A-610, Class II 
We adhere to RoHS Directive 2002/95/EC
What kind of capacity do you handle?
We do not limit the quantity you wanna quote. our capacity for SMT is 4 million dot(component) per day, 2 million dots(component) per day.
What other services can you do besides PCB fabrication and Assembly? 
SI Electronics has a capability for PCB layout design as well as re-engineering according to customer's requirement. 
For mechanical assembly, we would require a sample or specific assembly instructions. For special requirement such as burn-in test and conformal coating, your test procedure is required. 
Please submit an RFQ or give us a call to discuss you needs.
Do you handle PCB fabrication and re-engineering?
for instance,we convert DIP type into SMD type by re-engineering the design without sacrificing the function.
we have a design team for PCB layout. charge depends on the layer number, complicatedness, function, etc. 
Do my boards need to have silkscreen for assembly?
It is not required, but it is preferred. If you are submitting boards without silkscreen, we will need to have some other form of documentation to verify component placement and rotation. Orders with boards that have no silkscreen need to be reviewed.
What kind of surface finishing could you handle?
We can handle OSP,HASL,Gold immersion, silver immersion with RoHS and Non RoHs.
What kinds of base material do you use for PCB fabrication?
We generally use normal FR-4,(epoxy or fibre glass), we can also provide high TG FR-4 that meeting stringent requirement on temperature.
In addition, we can handle FR-1,FR-2(94V0), CEM-1, Aluminium base material according to customer??s special requirement. 
The specification has 0.8mm,1.0mm, 1.2mm,1.6mm, 1.8mm, 2.0mm,2.4mm thickness.
What does the quote include?
The quote includes PCB fabricating, E-test or probe test,solder stencil, components cost, placing components on the boards. The SMD component placed by machine will be reflowed, while the thru-hole components by hand will be wavesoldered. Function test, and selectable anti-static packaging.
How we count the lead time and project commencement?
We work weekdays except for holidays. Weekends and holidays do not count toward turn-times. 
Your files need to be confirmed complete before payment received by our financial department.
Do you have any inventory I can use?
We do not carry any inventory for all customers. For customers we work with closely, we do carry inventory items,especially for regular order.
What do you charge for shipping?
We ship via UPS,DHL,Fedex,and TNT express. Our shipping charges depends on the weight,service type you choose, we have Next Day Air, 2nd Day Air, and ground air. 
We default to Next Day for 24 & 48 hour turns; 2nd Day for 5 day turns, and Ground for 10 day turns. Please feel free to let us know your shipping preferences in the special notes field when placing an order. 
We can ship by courier also, if you have a need please give us a call.
Do you offer any discounts? 
We offer 5 -10 % off your order if you are a new customer. And some discount for old customer for their regular order and new orders. At various times we offer special promotions. More information,please contact our sales.
What if I have a problem with my boards? How do you handle rework?
If you find an issue or defect with our workmanship, we'll ask you to send back the defective ones to evaluate and repair your assemblies or make some new replacement at no charge. 
How do you handle unavailable or obsolete part ?
We have 3 options based on what you tell us at the time of order once we found unavailable part or obsolete part in the BOM . We can: 
A) notify you and wait until you ship us the part to complete the order. 
B) complete the order without that part, allowing you to hand place it when you receive the boards. 
C) use a substitute part, but will send you the datasheet for approval before using.
What kind of packaging do you use for the PCB assembly?
We usually use respective ESD packaging with heavy duty card board separating protection.
Another option available is suggested for protecting PCBA with delicate parts or parts reaching out far from the boards by using sponge or foam. 
What do you use for large volume shipment?
We will consider using our agent in air company or sea cargo company to ship them according to customer's requirement with the minimum charge to reduce the cost for you. We have regular contact with air freight and sea cargo shipping company here.
Does the PCB will be E-tested or flying Probe tested before assembly?
We  will do flying Probe test for prototype, and E-test for mass production before assembly. 
How do you make panel for the PCB?
we generally make panel for your PCB considering the assembly, border would be added according to your requirement to meet the SMT machine. But would ask for your approval before fabrication.
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