SI Electronics integrates quality ISO certified systems and innovative assembly and packaging technologies to deliver market-leading consumer electronic products. From product assembly through enclosures to testing and packaging, SI Electronics’s  SMT lines utilize the most advanced technologies in the industry including:
1. Flip Chip Technologies
Flip chip is a critical technology for miniaturization, and SI Electronics enjoys technical expertise in PCB board assembly using several different forms, including:
• Solder Bumped Flip Chip Technology 
• Anisotropic Conductive Adhesive Flip Chip Technology 
• Ultrasonic Bonding Flip Chip Technology 
In addition, SI Electronics performs detailed analyses of equipment capability, materials requirements, process parameters, reliability, and process control.
 2.0201 Technology
0201 technology is the frontier of passive component miniaturization. 0201 components increase board density and enhance electrical performance on pcb design. 
SI Electronics has done extensive studies on 0201 technologies and has published a number of papers on pad design, stencil design, solder paste evaluation, component specification and vendor evaluation, equipment qualification, assembly process optimization, rework, AOI, and reliability. Various designs have been developed for large- and small-form factor applications. 
At SI Electronics, we have also made advances in lead-free solder, 0201 under BGA, and other special applications. Since 2002, our  factories follow a very disciplined qualification program to be qualified for 0201 technology and 0201 volume production.
3.Lead-Free Solder Technology
SI Electronics has a comprehensive lead-free solder program and is the industry leader in lead-free solder technology,all our pcb assembly line are ROSH free. Our team has studied every aspect of lead-free solder, including solder alloy selection, solder paste evaluation, wave solder flux evaluation, process optimization, design rules, component evaluation, reliability, equipment evaluation, quality, inspection and test, and cost. SI Electronics has worked actively with industry consortia and standard organizations to facilitate the industry-wide transition to lead-free products. 
4.Alternative PCB Finishes
SI Electronics has conducted comprehensive evaluations of alternative PCB finishes including immersion silver (I-Ag) and immersion tin (I-Sn). Our studies include: 
Processability Verification 
Preconditioning and Environmental Stress Test 
Currently,SI Electronics is in volume production with a variety of PCB surface finishes, including I-Ag, I-Sn, OSP, Ni/Au, and HASL.
5.Design and engineering support
PCB design
Tooling design
Mechanical design
Electronic System Design
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